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Expanded web appearance from Telnames


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Expanded web appearance from Telnames

Post by Alex on 2012-08-03, 10:04 am

Today Telnames has just realized his subdomain for the with some nice examples of .tel domains:

What our customers are saying about .tel names

"Our .tel name enhances our presence on search engines, especially when potential customers are looking for restaurants using their mobile phones. Our .tel name enables them to find and contact us instantly. It was very easy to set up and great value!"

Peter Bagatti
Restaurateur, Croydon, July 2012

“I was aware that our existing web site was not mobile friendly, so jumped on it after reading about .tel names in our business journal. So glad I did as it was quick, easy and great value."

Elaine Coward
Proprietor, Electrical Contractors, Somerset, July 2012, FSB Member

"My .tel is great for promoting the pub. Locals and visitors can easily find us online and get in touch from their mobiles, they can see our menu and call or email for bookings. It’s paid for itself many times over already."

Matt Sydenham
Pub Manager, Appleton, Oxfordshire, July 2011

"My .tel name was not only very quick and easy to set up, but was also great value. It has increased my presence on search engines and brought in many new customers. Thank you Telnames!"

Katarzyna Hernas
Jewellery Designer, London, July 2012


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.tel domain :
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Re: Expanded web appearance from Telnames

Post by mikeseaton on 2012-08-03, 1:26 pm

TelTalk wrote:Today Telnames has just realized his subdomain for the with some nice examples of .tel domains...
Bound to happen - within 12 months I predict the Telnames single page .tel will effectively be the "only .tel game in town".

I'm just waiting for the first registrar I use ( & to offer the template - once one starts other will no doubt follow quickly.

I'm sure the original subdomain .tels will be supported for some time yet - but how can you sell a .tel populated with subdomain data when the only .tel being marketed is the Telnames non-subdomain version (complete with user-entered video, image gallery, coupon and background image) ?

I do think Telnic should have offered the new Telnames template to all existing .tel registrants - but they didn't - so IMO we now have to adjust to a non-subdomain future as far as marketing and promotion of .tel is concerned !

It's a great shame for all those software developers and power users who bought into the original subdomain .tel concept - but it's obviously the way Telnic is going - given that Telnic and Telnames are effectively the same organisation (same CEO, CFO, CMO, offices, etc.).

Life's not always fair - and doing business on the internet can sometimes seem like the wild west !

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