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Template 8 Image now Clickable

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Template 8 Image now Clickable

Post by ntervu on 2012-08-28, 7:52 am

The Template 8 Image now has the the capability to add a link for users to click through to.

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Re: Template 8 Image now Clickable

Post by Alex on 2012-08-28, 3:07 pm

That's good news. It's a small, but necessary improvement.

The development this year (e. g. the example above) shows Telnic still intent to realize all planned tasks from the roadmap which probably was only deleted due to shift of priorities.

I know a lot of forum members expect a much faster pace from Telnic, but I try to understand what is their strategy:

The customizing of website design surely has a lower priority, because building a website is not the main purpose of .tel domains. Instead .tel domains should work even completely without the website.
So the website is only a bonus for .tel domain owners.

The focus for .tel domains should be the integration of .tel domains into telecommunication services. That is what Telnic should work on primary. Hopefully they are concentrating on this offstage.

The reason why we haven't heard anything about it is that Telnic hasn't succeed in convincing potential partners.
For sure this isn't an easy task, but I expect this will happen one day.

And I can imagine a lot of passive .tel owners think the same way, because holders of valuable .tel domain name keywords mostly still renew their domains every year.


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