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A second PDF slot for a telnames business investors app

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A second PDF slot for a telnames business investors app

Post by on 2012-09-18, 5:53 pm

I would like to see telnames offer a second pdf slot, to expand on the existing public one but that's for private individuals looking to invest, this would either be a simple add on to the existing apps telnames develops or a separate app entirely with vetted recipients.

To this end it would be nice to see telnames then when at various locations promoting their service to vet and allow access to the domains containing the data, perhaps installing the app with a swipe of a phone if that technology is opensource or high lighting businesses that are doing well through telnames and are looking for investors, eg an over view of who and what it is and a small swipe here star with a qr code or what ever tech is needed to make something simple..

However if you take a look at this "Why Books Are The Ultimate New Business Card" you'll likely get why a pdf was needed on a .tel, but we should be looking at a way to expand on this by allowing us to share a public business plan pdf or what ever details investors like to look over before contacting someone to offer financial backing but privately to actual vetted investors browsing though telnames supported start ups..

Kickstarter is crowed funded but it would be nice to target the other type of investors whom are not looking to throw money online randomly, but are actually either looking to buy into a traditional brick and mortar business to get a return on it while still being up to date in how these people come across those seeking investment to grow, or still approach the internet expecting brick and mortar thinking but be able to pick it up in a transitional way to how business is now done online without resorting to kickstarter (which I still is think is good service, but wont use, but do have an account).

And as the point of telnames is to support small business it's necessary to not just focus on contact with the public but contact by private investment firms or such individuals and protect that information accordingly, also in the case of potential rivals in sub industries it would be advisable to make sure the vetted if running another telnames business can't access a rivals business data.

All the app would do is simply allow a vetted individual or business to download the pdf via just looking up the domain, it would also be nice if such .tel business offering such information was available in a list or small catalogical directory by industry and or a twitter style regular update to publish the latest investment opportunities, and of course this would only apply to .tel domains set as a business/brand in the whois.
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Re: A second PDF slot for a telnames business investors app

Post by hulltv on 2014-05-05, 3:36 am

we should link all our tels saying we want development no more just that the biggest tel link
maybe then we will get publicity and action

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Re: A second PDF slot for a telnames business investors app

Post by RIP on 2014-05-05, 1:00 pm

Since Telnic want to deal only with Telnames customers, Telnic wouldn't care what happens to domains from other registrars. Telnic cut the support for them already long time ago.

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Re: A second PDF slot for a telnames business investors app

Post by Sponsored content

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