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Blockchain Avatars - Telnames.


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Blockchain Avatars - Telnames. Empty Blockchain Avatars - Telnames.

Post by Fesothe on 2019-05-21, 4:16 pm

So I've come across a blockchain project for personal avatars that they say can be used "to work on your behalf while you're busy doing other stuff"

"We have entered a new era of artificial intelligence, where we can create intelligent avatars made from the digital profiles of our behaviors online. We call them Personal Artificial Intelligence or PAI. Project PAI is founded on the belief that every person in the world should have their own digital avatar, one that speaks, thinks, and behaves just like their self."

I remember Telnic wanted everyone to have their own .tel, I'd like to see tel integrate blockchain avatars before someone else does, it would be nice to have a copy of my personal self or another avatar I choose to talk and interact on my behalf with customers from my own personality, directing them to links and other updated content, maybe even pulled from the blockchain by a lookup on the domain as records were supposed to be.

"As owners of our own PAI, we can manage it anywhere online. A blockchain protocol built for PAI creates a decentralized platform where PAI are stored, and interacts with decentralized applications meant for PAI-centric uses in everyday life."

Do they say Telnames is for business? people who do business need a personal avatar like this.

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